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Original Sound logoOriginal Sound is the sound production company created by Mike Brown, a sound engineer with more than 35 years experience in music and speech recording, record and radio production, editing and mastering.

Mike has worked as a recording engineer, vinyl disc cuttiing engineer and CD mastering engineer at Pye Studios, Tape One, Wave Studios, CTS Studios and Lansdowne Recording Studios in London and has many high profile credits to his name. He is now working independently at his own facility in Cornwall.

If you are a musician or band in Cornwall looking to produce a demo or a master for release on CD or the Internet please contact Mike to discuss the project.

Mike can produce recordings in studio and in a variety of locations. As an example he was recently asked to record in an old Cornish mine. The acoustics were superb but there was no mains power so the recording was battery powered. This recording was made using 4 high quality condenser microphones, then mixed and edited back in the comfort of the studio resulting in a recording of very high quality.

Mike also specialises in tape transcription, digital mastering for CD and iTunes, and web publishing.

Mike also works for CHBN Radio, the OFCOM licensed community radio station on 100.8FM in Truro. Mike has been involved in audio quality assurance, promotion and commercial production, programme production and presentation, with a regular weekly programme which includes spoken word features on music, health and lifestyle topics and live music.

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Let us master one new track for you completely free of charge.

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We are able to work from almost any analogue or digital source, producing factory-ready CD masters to exacting standards.

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We offer a specialist short-run audio CD / CD-ROM copying service which is ideal for artists wanting small runs or promotional copies in quantities of up to 100 or so.

This is a customised service which can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

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We can now accept online file transfers for mastering.

Working with our partners Astrohosts we can also provide facilities for web hosting and online sales.